Discussion Heart Pet Toy Do It Yourself

Discussion Heart Pet Toy Do It Yourself

If this Valentine’s Day takes place, remember that pets also need love! I mean, who is always willing to stay with you and watch a movie or snuggle up on your bed reading a book or help you clean up the bowl of cereal you left on the counter? That’s right, they are our pets! Whether you have a cat or a dog, these conversational heart toys are the perfect gift to show your fur baby how much you care!


– Felt in pastel colors
– Heart Toy Model
– Iron-on letters
– Embroidery thread in colors matching the felt sheets
– Embroidery thread needle
– Poly yarn
– Catnip (optional for cat-sized toys)

Print out the heart pattern and use FABRIC scissors to cut out two hearts and one long strip per Toy.

Place the letters you want to use on your heart to make sure they fit and arrange them so that they are centered and straight. Iron them on your felt-tip pen. I would suggest choosing the lowest (synthetic) option on your iron for affordable wool felt plates and doing a test letter on a scrap piece to see if you should use a tea towel in the center of the felt and iron. I had two different felt blends and one worked superior with the Napkin and the other worked superior without it!

Combine the end of your long strip with the bottom of your front heart and make a loose whip stitch around the heart with your embroidery thread…… until you go to the other side. Once you are moving forward, sew your bottom seam together, add the back heart, and also beat the side part on the back heart.

Leave a 2″ opening to have room for your toys! Since my toys are for cats, I used pieces of catnip with the stuffing, but I’ve heard that some dogs like it too! Once the stuffing is in place, head to the whip point to close your heart and you’re ready, to present it to your pet! So cute! Of course, you can let your heart say what you want, but every time I see the dog toy “My tail is wagging for you”, I sing it over and over in my head to Prince’s “I would die for you” line… it’s quite eye-catching!

Anyway, at first Mac was a little too distracted by the food supplies to notice the toys (I guess he even likes dog treats!), but as soon as all the food was gone, he started playing with his new gifts! He basically loves all felt toys that bounce a little when they are thrown and these fit the bill perfectly. I hope you have the chance to make a beautiful gesture Of love to your fur baby this Valentine’s Day! xo. Lauras


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