Make a Charming Rollup Pencil Coordinator in a Short Time

Make a Charming Rollup Pencil Coordinator in a Short Time

The pencil organizers don’t seem really cool, but this one is actually pretty cute.

I’m catching on. There is nothing super exciting in a pencil caddie. BUT a rollup organizer that can store tons of pens and pencils without taking up too much space? I would do one. As long as it’s sweet. And that’s it ! Here is the story…

I worked on the organization of the studio (and “finished” to the point of sharing an official visit to the studio) for the last month and a half. And that led me to organizational projects that I wanted to share.

Some projects are of a large scale (I’m looking forward to showing you what I’m talking about – very soon), and others are small. Today it happens to be on the small side…

It’s a 15-minute project that’s almost too simple (and functional) not to take the time to do it. It is a DIY shopping cart that makes the perfect pen and pencil organizer. All you need is a tea towel and a sewing machine (and thread). That’s all!

We made a few of them and I used them to keep small items like pencils, scissors, brushes, etc. handy in the studio. But it also works completely for starting school when you have toddlers. Click for step-by-step instructions.

How to Make a DIY Pencil Organizer

  • Materials for rollup pencil trolleys
  • Tea towel with an interesting design*
  • Sewing Machine / Thread
  • (Optional) thin leather strap 8 to 12 inches long

* In matter you are curious, the pink pattern tea towel I used for this DIY is vintage. But the green tea towel is located here.

Make a pencil organizer (instructions)

1. Lay your dishcloth flat and with a pencil to measure, bend the bottom part, tuck on each side and sew.

2. Continue to use your pencil to measure decide on the width you want for each section, pin and then sew.

3. Fold your top section and decide how far you want the fold to go. If your towel is the right length, you can skip this step. But if not, cut the excess fabric and hem.

4. Finally, iron your fabric at the fold and sew a seam from one side to the other to make a flat flap.

5. (Optional) to keep the rollup secure, you can add a leather strap tied into a knot. I didn’t tie mine to the actual rollup – I just wound it up and knotted it after everything had been rolled. But you can sew both parts together, if it makes more sense to have this part connected.

What else can I use this rollup organizer for?


This rollup pencil organizer that works for all sorts of things, not just pencils. This would make the perfect makeup organizer! You can use it for makeup brushes and tubular makeup items (such as eyeliner, lip gloss, etc.). Or what about makeup brush organizer? That would be perfect for that.

Speaking of brushes, artist brushes also fit perfectly into the slots of this rollup.

What else could you use this organizer for? I’m sure I’m forgetting something.

Honestly, I always lose little things in my office.

These pencil organizers are much harder to lose sight of than just a pencil. Isn’t that right? I hope you love her too.


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