Material Do It Yourself Plonk Packs for Occasion Gifts

Material Do It Yourself Plonk Packs for Occasion Gifts

Recently I flew to Dallas for a Plonk event for a workshop to teach how to make wax canvas Plonk bags and every reaction was so positive, I thought I would turn it into a DIY hostess gift for the Blog.

I like to give Plonk for parties, especially during the holidays. Who could not use one or two more bottles? And this DIY idea makes the gift a little more special and (dare I say) more thoughtful because it contains a handmade element.

In addition to giving away these Plonk bags, I thought it would be fun to tinker with them at your party and then let the guests take them home as favors if they feel ambitious. Just throw it out there! In any matter, you can click for the full tutorial…

And just in matter you are not big on the idea of leather handles, you can skip the last steps and tie a few handmade Pompoms instead or just roll the canvas a few times and then tie on a monogrammed gift tag, for something more casual. Between the three options, you have a handful of options to include each personality in your hostess hit list. 🙂

Find out how to make your Now Canvas Plonk totes….


  • medium to heavy canvas (available From year to year in art stores)
  • sewing machine and thread
  • fabric color (I like Laughs – I used royal sapphire and black)
  • embroidery thread and hand-sewing needle
  • 3/4 inch wide leather bands (mine are from Amazon)


1. first of all, measure a piece of canvas for your Plonk bag, based on the desired size. A good starting point is 28.5 inches long and 7 inches wide (you can measure the width of a bottle of Plonk that you have on hand to see if you want to make yours wider or narrower than mine). And cut with sharp scissors.

2. Once cut, fold the canvas as shown in the photo and pin it vertically, again as shown. I only needed about 4 pens because the weight of the canvas was heavy enough to stay in place.

3. then, at the lower (bent) end, sew a back stitch to fix the thread, and then sew a straight line to the open end. Be careful not to sew too close to the edge – you will probably want to sew your line about 1/4 inch from the edge. Add another backstitch when you reach the end of the canvas, and then cut the thread.

4. Repeat step 3 on the opposite side. Then remove the straight pins and, if necessary, cut off the excess recovery material.

5. while the bag is still inside, grab it inside, find the corners with your fingers, and pinch them together. Then use your other hand to secure the two points and create a flat triangle as shown.

6. Measure from the tip to 1.5 inches down, mark it, and then draw a horizontal line as a guide. Turn over and do the same on the other side. Then pin one of the triangles so that it is not inverted (but do not pin them together – they are separated).

7. start with the triangle that is not pinned and sew a straight line on the guide created in step 6. Be sure to prick at each end. Repeat this process for the other triangle that has been pinned. Remove the pin and sew the line, be sure to stitch at each end.

8. Sew the two Dreiecksecken with a Needle and Thread together. This leaves the bottom flat on the bag and becomes even safer.

9. Align the Seams and roll the Fabric over the top of the Bag 1/2 – 1 In back. Define a single section to get a better idea of where the measurement should be done, and then define the role. Follow this as a guide and adjust it if necessary. And then again sew and sew.

11. Turn the right side outwards. Then color the bag. I’m doing a lot of dyeing projects here, so I’m not going to explain the process again… But here are the step-by-step instructions for coloring if you need a refresh.

12. After Dyeing, Washing and Drying, you can stop here and add Pompoms or gift tags. Or go ahead and add leather straps…. Start by cutting two lengths of leather strap, each 8-9 inches long. Next, drill four holes on each side in the form of a square. See the picture for reference.

13. Thread a Needle with embroidery thread and fasten it by the Handles of the Bag. Cut and double knot string to prevent from unraveling.


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