One of a Kind Gift Wrapping Thought for Mother Day Gifts

One of a Kind Gift Wrapping Thought for Mother Day Gifts

By now you know, I love love, love, DIY wrapping paper ideas. It borders on passion, at this point.

But I agree … and I hope you are too, because I have an idea of gift wrapping for mom, in partnership with Paper Mart, which will take literally 60 seconds to whip. Yes, one minute flat!

It’s so, so simple. And you don’t have to be a packaging expert to do this. Phew!

And bonus … at Paper Mart, a one-stop shop for everything related to party, packaging and DIY supplies, you will find everything you need. I’ve been buying things in bulk for years… especially when Jeff and I got married. So much!

So now that you know where to get the goods, here’s my 60 second Mother’s Day Wrapping Hack…


colorful glassine gift bags
colorful gift boxes
clear pillow boxes
clear square boxes
colored ribbon of different widths
Colored pencil or permanent marker


1. Choose a judgement or a word for your bag or box for mom. Then, when you are ready, just write your word directly on the bag or box, in the script. It helps to maintain a loose and even flow and resist picking up the color marker from the surface until the first word is complete.

2. finish the rest of your judgement in the same way, for example, if you write more than mom. Then give the marker or crayon a few seconds to dry.

3. Then, if you wish, you can thicken some of the descents to create a bolder (and easy to read) statement on your box or bag. Here’s how … Draw a line parallel to all the strokes down (parts of a letter on which your marker moves down). Then fill in between the two lines to get the thicker look.

Give the colored pencil or marker some more time to dry before adding mom’s gift, a little candy (for sweet tooth), or maybe even a handwritten note, etc.

4. Add Add a strip and you can start playing! Mom will totally appreciate this hand labeled wrap work. I’m sure of it!


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