Photoshop Essentially Anything Including Occasion Gifts

Photoshop Essentially Anything Including Occasion Gifts

If you don’t have much time to make Christmas gifts this year, this project is for you! It is a semi-handmade idea that adds a personal DIY touch to almost anything you can think of metal, glass, wood, paper, etc.

I teamed up with Testors, a company that specializes in leisure, craft and interior design products, to add a subtle winter white shaded finish to a whole bunch of little gifts and fun decorative items that I bought at a handful of local stores.


I tried their airbrush kit for the size and basically painted everything that was not nailed (this thing is really fun to use)… copper candle container, Christmas bells, perfume bottle, vase, etc. etc.

And today I’m sharing how you can use an airbrush like mine to add a touch of DIY to store-bought Christmas gifts while also airing the rest of your house. 🙂 Click to see all the Christmas gift ideas you can recreate in a hurry!

If you are curious about how easy or difficult airbrush is, on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 is the most difficult), I would say it’s a 3. As in, very easy! It sounds intimidating at first, but it’s actually very simple once you put it together. Wow !

Here’s what you need to create a winter white shade finish on store-bought gifts…


  • Aztek Airbrush Tester
  • Aztek Propeller Tester
  • Airbrush Acrylic paint (any color – but mine is pearl white)



1. Attach the paint cup (where the paint is added) by following the instructions that come with your airbrush. It’s just pinching. Super easy. After adding your paint cups, you can connect the airbrush cable to the propeller box.

2. Then add color into the colored cup. Just make sure that it is an airbrush acrylic paint (it will be thinner than regular acrylic paint).

3. Hold the airbrush similar to a pencil (see photo) and press the trigger (button lever) to release the color. Test on paper first to get the feeling. It may take a few seconds for the color to come out.

4. Once you have an idea, take an object to give away (like my Geo glass vase) and proceed with the airbrush! Move the airbrush back and forth with long strokes, like you have your finger on the trigger, press down and pull back.

5. The application of several layers is desirable. Allow the paint to dry completely before touching or using it. And that’s it! Now you know how to aerograph pretty much everything you can imagine!


Super easy, right? Here’s how some of the coins turned out…

Looking for more gifts to give A DIY airbrush look? I like these copper container candles for gifts and gold holiday bells for decoration. You can also make your own candles, then air the container or get more DIY gift ideas here.

So, what is my verdict on airbrush? I love it! But why not just use spray paint? Because I think you are wondering what is the answer to this question. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t be returning my spray paint keys soon, but the airbrush is a bit different from the spray paint…in a very good way!

After playing around with the tools of this project, it seems that airbrush has more control than spray paint, and you can certainly get a more natural/subtle shaded look (using a number of other techniques that I haven’t even tried yet). It also works very well to create construction layers, which would be especially cool with multiple colors, etc. More info here. Can you tell that I’m in this thing? This is my new little handmade toy. 🙂


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