The Apple of My Color in the Background as of Late

The Apple of My Color in the Background as of Late

A few weeks ago, my bud Rachel from Handmade Charlotte came to introduce me to a new type of dye that can be brushed (or dipped) on all kinds of surfaces (wood, cork, woven baskets, natural fiber textiles, etc.) to create bright and vibrant colors.

It’s called FolkArt Ultra Dye and I have to say that in all the dyeing projects I do here, I was really curious to try a product I hadn’t heard of yet. And now that I’ve had time to play with it and I love it, I’ve teamed up with Ultra Dye to take a behind-the-scenes look at the DIY projects Rachel and I have been designing (with a great team) in the studio.

DIY Dived Wooden Accessories

I love diving coloring projects, so at first we dipped a few small wooden objects with which I wanted to start something.

We sanded all the rough areas that required special attention, shook the bottle well and poured the Ultra dye into small (but half deep) containers. We dipped the pieces of wood directly into the dye, as you would with paint. Then we put them aside to dry and moved on to another project until they were ready for use.

You will see in the finished photos that the color is SUPER vivid, but the wood grain still shines, which I really liked. And now I use the ring holders and dishes for small jewelry and office supplies around the Studio.

DIY ‘watercolor effect’ weaving project

This DIY was the most involved of the three, but still very easy to complete. We drilled holes in a long piece of sturdy wood and glued a woven pattern.

Then we lightly moistened the wooden surface with a brush, and then brushed the Ultra Dye on the wet wooden surface to create a pastel watercolor effect. I recommend using the Ultra dye Brush Pack for painting – Taklon soft brushes guarantee a smooth application and are perfect for creating a gradient effect.

We tested some colors in advance on the used wood using the wet wood method in order to decide which colors we like best, which I would recommend. After drying, we removed the adhesive tape and threaded handmade Pom Pom pompoms through the drilled holes, with a string for the top to hang. Ready!

I think it would be cute for a children’s room or even as a B-Day party crafts for kids (as long as the holes are drilled in advance).

DIY Fruit Paintings

This one took me back to when I was a kid at school and was always tinkering with random household items. I like working with food as a material for Crafts. And all these years after it turns out that with a handful of fruits and vegetables you can actually make quite funny abstract works of art.

We used celery, apples, sweet potatoes, lemons, cucumbers and pears, then we painted the Ultra dye directly on the fruits and vegetables (celery leaves were soaked instead) before pressing them like pistils on a piece of wood. It was really fun to play with it – it worked great for stamping and the colors and shapes were so much lighter/brighter than an inkpad.


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