Thoughts to Take You from Party to Home Stylistic Layout

Thoughts to Take You from Party to Home Stylistic Layout

I have been talking a lot recently about how I like to organize parties here and there, in addition to interior decoration. And today I’m merging the two to create DIY party ideas that can be reused in their own home long after the party. The idea is simple… develop projects that look good for a party (photo booth background, textiles, party supplies, etc.), which can then have a second wind in your home for years to come. Sounds simple enough, right?

So I teamed up with V8 to create a two-part series that shares the DIY process for these party decorating projects and a great old party that shows you exactly how I put it all together for a day of partying. Today I’m sharing the crafts and tomorrow I’m sharing the real party, with even more DIY ideas and more fruits and vegetables than you can shake a stick at. All to celebrate V8 Veggie Blends (a healthy drink option that contains 1 Full Serving of vegetables in each glass) and V8+ Energy (a refreshing energy juice powered by natural green tea).

I can’t wait to share the party tomorrow, with a (very edible) table runner and lots of other fun things. But for today I will share 3 DIY projects that can go from party to interior decoration without trying. There is a huge woven photo booth background rotated wall art, natural colored party linens rotated everyday towels and rose gold baskets processed leather rotated storage solutions. Let’s do it!

DIY Photo Booth background rotated daily wall art

First, is my favorite project of the three! To attach more natural elements, Amelia and I made a huge piece of wall that serves as a work of art in the room and as a photo booth background for Selfies at the party, etc. We used more than 100 meters of cotton wool for this guy and it was really a labor of love, but in my opinion it was really worth it.

Once the party is over, it would be a really cool piece of art hanging over a couch or in an entryway. and you can even color the piping before you start, for a touch of color.


  • Cotton piping (in different thicknesses-about 100 meters in total for a 4 ft x 8 ft piece)
  • Chicken wire (2 ft wide and 25 ft long-like this one)
  • Scissors
  • Coupe


1. cut the chicken wire using wire cutters into 2 pieces about 8-10 feet in length.

2. Then it’s time to create the pieces that are woven into the chicken wire. We used a picture of 3 techniques for the weaving process.

Tassels of different sizes, are made by carefully pulling half of a piece of cotton wool from 9 to 12 inches, leaving one tail for the other half intact. See Photo. To attach the tassels to the chicken wire, weave the end of the tail through the holes (above, above, below).

Double-sided tassels are made from the soft separation of the two ends of a 6-inch piece of cotton wool. See Photo. To fix them, fold them in half, and then push them through the back of the chicken wire through the hole, creating a bubble shape through the front, and the edges on the back prevent them from falling out.

Completely unraveled 9-12 inch pieces of piping that have been completely separated from the thin cord that holds the pipes together. This one is not visible in the photo, but it looks like the #1 tassel if you had separated the whole thing. To tie these longer pieces, use an Over-, Under-, Over-Under approach like basket weaving.

3. Once you have figured out the 3 techniques, start weaving the different pieces into the chicken wire (work from the bottom up) and be sure to use the different techniques for a random and organic look. * Leave the last 4 holes of sprouts on the chicken wire at each end intact for after (4 holes all the way up and down on the left and the same on the right).

4. After the first piece of chicken wire is finished, repeat steps 2 and 3 on the second piece of chicken wire.

5. Next, thread the 2 pieces of chicken wire (on top of each other) with a very long piece of cotton wool. Pull up so that the workpiece does not sag anywhere, but not too tight so that the workpiece bends. You will be able to determine if you are doing it right, I promise.

6. then cut long pieces of Cording and basketweave that are empty in holes at each end, all the way up and down. This helps to secure the two parts together and give a more finished look.

7. fold the remaining chicken wire behind the workpiece for a more finished look and safer/smoother sides.

8. attach it to the wall with wall anchors (This is a fairly heavy piece).

For your information-this particular project is not fast. Ours lasted 8-10 hours (in total) from beginning to end, but I like it so much.

Natural color DIY bedding for bright yellow towels

The use of an easily accessible natural material (turmeric can be found in any grocery store) seemed to be the perfect complement to our V8 party. V8 Veggie Blends and + Energy strive to make your vegetables a little easier and accessible every day, they even have a Hashtag for it… #VeggiesForAll.

And you all know that I like a good dyeing project, so I was excited to test a natural dyeing bath. The napkins came alive and it was super easy to color. Love the Bright Yellow Stroke on the Table (for Parties and every day).


  • 1-1. 5 ounces turmeric (medium spice tank size)
  • White linen napkins (I used them)
  • Big Pot
  • 1 gallon Of Water
  • Salt


1. Start by adding 3-4 tablespoons of salt to a gallon of water. Add the leaves and let stand for 20 to 30 minutes. This helps turmeric to color more evenly.

2. Remove the sheets and wring them out. Book.

3. Add turmeric to the water and bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Reduce the heat, add the bedding to the tincture bath and soak in the bath for 30 minutes.

4. Remove from heat, wring out and go under water for a few minutes until the water is clear. Put the sheets in a washing machine (use a detergent), and then dry them in a dryer (or on a dryer or outdoor clothesline). And they are ready for use.

Leather Handle Baskets for Party Gifts + daily Storage

When I found these incredible rosé gold baskets, I almost didn’t get them (although I really liked them) because they didn’t have handles. But then I thought to myself, I can completely make my own handles. That’s what I did!

The baskets are great for adding vegetables and fruits, as well as Energy V8 + and other items for gifts that guests can take home. And if you make a few extras, they are also ideal for storing items in the house as soon as the party is over.


  • Leather strip 3/4 inch wide (like this roll, which can be cut)
  • Scissors or sharp blade
  • Leather hole punch (get good quality)
  • Rosé gold tubular rivets
  • Tool titanium tubular rivets
  • Hammer or hammer
  • Baskets made of rosé gold (mine come from here)


1. Cut the leather strap up to about 10 inches long for each handle (this can be a little shorter or longer, depending on what you like).

2. Then drill 2 holes (2 to 3 inches apart) at each end of the leather – for a total of 4 holes per leather strap. See photo.

3. Weave one end of the leather into the top of the basket, as shown. Then use a pipe rivet and a pipe rivet booming tool to fix both ends together.

4. Repeat this procedure with the other end of the leather strap, then you will have a finished handle.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 on the opposite side of the basket to make a second handle, and you’re good to go.


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